Community update - Q1 2024

How big is our community ?

An old mentor of mine would say, there is no community but the one you build !

When it comes to our reach for Q1 2024, few numbers and thoughts for your weekend:

- Web metrics:

  • 1355 visits
  • Mainly reaching landing 1/ page 2/ ggi then 3/ onramp & 4/ resources a third of traffic behind
  • Countries: Germany & France, we now have some reach in South America but still very little in Africa
  • Social networks: Github

- Linkedin:

  • up to 300 impressions (organic only)
  • engagement rate up to 30 (not bad but very friends & family oriented)
  • 212 followers (+39 thru the quarter)
  • Posts: New member, OnRamp

Now, this would suggest us

  • to invite the right people from our Linkedin network to follow the account and favor interaction
  • to take our WW glasses and make more people aware of what we think is good content (and translations available)

happy weekend