Derivative work - The Open Source Readiness (OSR) model

We just learned about the work done at FINOS on their new Open Source Readiness (OSR) model. And it looks good! :slight_smile:

As I see it, it builds on the work done for the GGI Handbook and adds numerous features (Artefacts, Roles, Measurements, Regulations…). It also brings a fine layer of presentation that, honestly, we were missing, and comes out very neat and pleasant.

It’s always a good think when people / communities reuse your work, and I see it as a marker of success. Conversely, there are some good things/resources we might be able to reuse as well, if the license allows it – interestingly, I cannot find the license they use.

Any thought on this, good people? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for bringing this thread to the forum, and i agree this looks quite good.

I must say it does a great job when it comes to the intent: “to accelerate financial services firms’ journeys toward open source readiness” (See Github) in being holistic for financial entreprises and broad scope of open source. Apache licence referenced in the repository.

For the maturity model and activities, very similar, close inspirations but not as deep as the GGI but very nice presentation layer thru the “light” scoring thru the web site. Insightful for the marketing touch that we might miss.

Indeed a pity that we didn’t interact but as there are few placeholder still, might not be too late ?

my 0,02€

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