GGI Handbook brought to your language by the OSPO Alliance community

hello good people,

As comm team we suggest that we do communication in each available language to spread the word. :point_right:We therefore would need 1 native speaker per language to check on wording + amplify to her/his audience.

Please reply to the comm team or react on this conversation with extended suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

Because we believe it is common good that everybody should access easily :uk: available on OSPO Alliance (

Weil wir glauben, dass es ein Gemeinwohl ist, dass jeder leicht zugänglich sein sollte :de: verfügbar auf OSPO Alliance (

Porque creemos que es un bien común que todo el mundo debe acceder fácilmente :es: disponible en OSPO Alliance (

Parce que nous pensons que c’est un bien commun auquel tout le monde devrait avoir accès facilement :fr: disponible sur OSPO Alliance (

Perché crediamo che sia bene comune che tutti debbano accedervi facilmente :it: disponibile su OSPO Alliance (

Omdat we geloven dat het algemeen goed is dat iedereen er gemakkelijk toegang toe heeft :netherlands: beschikbaar opOSPO Alliance (

Porque acreditamos que é um bem comum que todos tenham acesso fácil :portugal: disponível em OSPO Alliance (

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