Introducing myself

Hiho good people,

I thought it would be nice to have a quick presentation of the people involved in the OSPO Alliance community. This is what friendly communities do, after all.

So I’m Boris Baldassari, a long-time (25+ years, OMG…) open source and free software aficionado. I currently work for the Eclipse Foundation, and spend quite some time with the larger open source community, e.g. the CHATONS, a French federation of free software associations, or participating in various community events.

I believe that OSPOs are a great opportunity to develop and care about the open source ecosystem, and helping organisations to use, participate and contribute properly and fairly is - IMHO - definitely part of the larger picture and fight.

I have been involved with the OSPO Alliance (almost) since its early start in 2021, when we worked tirelessly with a small group of people – most notably Cédric Thomas – to build the first iteration of the handbook. Since then, I have been thrilled to see how a group of benevolent, knowledgeable and selfless people managed to bring it where it is today, and I consider this a remarkable success in itself.

My contributions are mostly around the handbook, maintaining / moderating some of the infra, and presenting / advocating our work to the world. I am also the current elected chairperson of the Alliance.

Thank you for reading, have a beautiful day/evening/night!


Hi there,

I am Sébastien Lejeune, working as an Open Source Advocate at Thales where I started as a Java developer around 20 years ago. I have always been an Open Source user convinced by the OSS model and practices in order to produce better software and products.

Since several years, we setup an OSPO at Thales and we are encouraging people to contribute to Open Source projects and to release assets in Open Source. I joined the OSPO Alliance in 2022 where I became an active commiter on the handbook and Good Governance Initiative.

I truly believe this initiative can help companies and people to setup an efficient OSPO and to disseminate the Open Source practices in an efficient way !

Have a nice journey here and see you soon !



My name is Pierre-Yves Gibello, CEO at OW2, an independent non-profit open source association established in France since 2007 : we host open source projects, and animate a community of professional FOSS actors of various sizes, from private, public, and academic sectors.

OW2 is a co-founder of OSPO Alliance, and initiated the “OSS Good Governance” methodology.

We also advocate for FOSS and digital commons based on public goods, and contribute to fund and nurture them in Europe across the NGI0 Commons Fund EC program.

So: welcome to the OSPO Alliance, and do not hesitate to join us!


Hey OSPO community,

Nice e-meeting you, my name is @fredaatz, based in France, recently retired from Microsoft where I led open source efforts locally for more than 12 years.

My background as engineer is a mix of development and management with a zest of marketing. Got involved in GGI in the early days as contributor bringing my learnings from own experience as well as large company strategy. Joined OSPO Alliance when it was launched. I really believe the expertise of the community and this framework can bring open source to the next level for success and resilience.

Now involved in the contribution team as volunteer. No surprise with some marketing background i am also trying to bring some good side of this discipline to the communication team.
Happy to engage



I’m based in Austin Texas but very passionate about Good Governance, Open Source, Open Standard, Open Data, and Open Govt! So I had to first join the OSPO Alliance via the GGI (Good Governance Initiative.). It’s a great group with smart generous people.


Hello there!

I’m Florent Zara. I’ve been involved (personally then professionally) in the FLOSS community for 25 years now. I worked for nearly 20 years in a consulting company as an Open Source advisor for large companies, helping them with software quality, Open Source governance, licensing, Innersource, as well as change management. Today, as Open Source Services Team Lead at the Eclipse Foundation, I’m helping (new) Eclipse members and projects better understand, manage and master Open Source.

As you may have guessed, I’m also an active participant in the OSPO Alliance and the Good Governance Initiative. I’m currently the main Master of Ceremony of our OnRamp monthly meetings.

On a more personal side, for the French-speaking around here, I’m an administrator and board member at (reference french-speaking, community driven website about Free and Open Source software).

Everyone’s welcome here!

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Hey folks !

I’m Nico, attracted by open source principles since University, for that openness, transparency and collaboration can yield unlimited achievements :heart_eyes:

Started my professional life as a C developer on Linux powered firewalls, then as an embedded developer at Orange Business. There, I quickly joined the Orange Open Source Referent network, and am now working both for the Open Source Governance for the Orange Group and as the Product Owner for a the OSPO specifically at Orange Business.

Anyhow, been participating to the fantastic GGI, and then OSPO Alliance adventure from the very start, when we were “simply” aiming at sharing a resource center and training program…

Based in Lyon, France, enjoying family life, climbing, travelling and democracy.

Wishing you a pleasant and enriching stay on the forum and beyond, and looking forward to collaborate with you too !

Open sourcely yours,

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