Log in to the Matrix discussion space for the OSPO Alliance

Hi there,

Being trying to log into the Matrix chat space here: https://riot.opencloud.lu/

I did successfully login but cannot see the “OSPO Alliance” space logo on the left as I expected ; Maybe we need to be explicitly invited ?

Thanks @gvlx for sending an invitation ;

I got this weird message after clicking on the invitation link (in French, but means something went wrong when handling the invitation)

Then, after a long while, it finally succeeded :rocket:

If it matters, I already had an account on matrix.org (@nico.toussaint:matrix.org)

Hi there,

Finally made it.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. login to https://portal.ospo-alliance.org
  2. access email at Kopano WebApp @ UCS
  3. register your @ospo-alliance.org mail account to the servers and verify them in Kopano inbox

Note: NextCloud and Kopano seem to be the only ones where the Portal SSO is working (no password required, the account is the same as the Portal).

Most services require a staff authorization (Florent Zara?).

In the Matrix there’s an OSPO Alliance space with one room: You're invited to talk on Matrix

In Mastodon you should follow: OSPO Alliance (@OSPOAlliance@mastodon.opencloud.lu) - OpenCloud Luxembourg Mastodon instance

Etherpad instance is down.

Best regards,

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