OSPO OnRamp Jan 19th: OSPO alignment with org strategy is key

Dear OSPO OnRamp Community,

Alignment isn’t just for AI… but also for OSPOs! Our guest for our first OnRamp session of the year is Tobie Langel from UnlockOpen. He will delve into a difficult but critical discussion:

increasing OPSO awareness and impact by aligning with organizational mission, goals, and strategy

Save the date!

  • :date: Friday, January 19th,
  • :alarm_clock: 10:30-12:00 CET
  • :studio_microphone: Tobie Langel — Open ecosystem strategy consultant at UnlockOpen.
  • :scroll: Now more than ever, OSPO alignment with organisation strategy is key.

As usual, it is an online event open to all with no registration in a safe environment. Just come and grab a seat. Please connect to our :globe_with_meridians: BigBlueButton instance on the given date and time. You’ll find attached a file to import directly to your calendar.

2023 has been brutal for the tech industry. Even more so OSPOs, which suffered budget and headcount cuts, felt increased pressure around software supply chain security and saw AI stealing the spotlight.

The very tactical approach that worked when credit was cheap and money was flowing no longer cuts it. In today’s environment, strategic alignment with organizational mission, goals, and strategy becomes essential to demonstrate value and get executive attention, buy-in, and support.

Tobie Langel has been helping organizations think strategically about their open source involvement for close to a decade. He’ll be sharing some of the frameworks he uses to align externally-facing teams with internal stakeholders and become more impactful internally and externally.

Please spread the word in your communities. Looking forward to seeing and talking to you on Friday, January 19th!