OSPO OnRamp - Should we go for a light registration process?

Hi good people,

We wanted to bring a topic to your attention, gather ideas, opinions and make some decision by the end of the summer. Question is: Should we have a registration process for OnRamps ?


  • Have a better understanding of the expected attendance prior to the session
  • Nurture some kind of exclusivness for the sessions
  • Build up the community by enabling some follow-ups


  • Re-consider the no friction, no barrier initial promise (ie no registration)
  • Might hinder or annoy some people

If we decide to go, then choosing the tooling will be the 2nd step

Please feel free to add on Pro’s / Con’s so we get to a collaborative decision


thanks @fredaatz for initiating that good question ;

The main downside I see is the email collection that annoy me … but not too much when it is done by entities I trust (the OSPO Alliance being one of those !)

But one the great side, that could allow us to send a proper invitation so that interested people have the session right in their agenda.

So my take is: very much yes, if

  • we can make it clear what the collected email addresses will be used for,
  • and if we can automatically send an invitation after registering
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Indeed, we’re blind before and after the OnRamp:

  • We had to cancel one session in the past year because only 5 people showed up (including the presenter myself :disappointed: ). This is not good for the speaker who booked his morning and prepared a lot of slides.
  • We don’t know if what we do on LinkedIn, Twitter, mastodon, website to promote has an impact on registration. It takes me quite some time to relay the session on those networks, I want to know if and where it is worth promoting it.
  • Using a tool which is GDPR-compliant and with a clear statement that the data won’t be used outside the management of the OnRamp session would allow interested persons to add it to their calendar with all the relevant information. Currently, I generate an ics file for each session.
  • There is no way to engage further after a talk and make the community grow. It is frustrating to invest time and not be able to better understand our impact as a community. Of course, there no plan on pushing the data to any CRM. This is not the goal of the OSPO Alliance and its members.

We could still make the OnRamp accessible without registration, even if we don’t promote it too much.

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