OSPOs for Good - a whitepaper by the UN's OSPO

Hiho good people,

I came across the OSPOs for Good report, published by the United Nation’s OSPO, and find it highly interesting. In a nutshell, it describes how OSPOs can help with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, e.g. equality, sustainability, innovation…), as stated in the document itself:

By sharing source code freely under a license that permits copying,
modification, and redistribution, Open Source can help to
reduce current disparities in digital maturity through affordable
and equitable access to technologies. By lowering barriers to
entry, Open Source promotes collaboration within global
communities, fostering technical learning and the development
of place-based knowledge.

This sounds rather well aligned with the OSPO Alliance ethos as well, and highly relevant in the context of our own objectives with the public sector and academia (see roadmap). I intend to follow up on this with my own/Eclipse Foundation hat anyway, but thought it would be interesting to discuss the topic within the Alliance as well…