Welcome to our community!

Welcome to the OSPO Alliance forum!

You are interested in Open Source and believe a structured and good governance is key to foster adoption success and establish an OSPO. You are at the right place !!! This is a safe and friendly space to discuss everything related to OSPOs, the OSPO Alliance and its various initiatives.

The OSPO Alliance is an open community that provides and shares guidance to organizations interested in professionally managing open source use, contribution, and publishing. GGI and the OnRamp series are key initiatives of the OSPO Alliance.

The Good Governance Initiative provides a methodological framework for assessing and improving trust, awareness, and open source strategy within organizations. This framework can support the strengthening of the associated governance and structure the operation of an OSPO (Open Source Program Office).

The OSPO OnRamp Meeting Series provides an open, neutral, and user-friendly forum, a simple entry point to exchange and learn the basics of setting up an Open Source Program Office and moving forward with open source.

We believe that organizations can benefit from the use, contribution and publication of Open Source software and that good governance is a key success factor for organizations and the entire ecosystem as well as a guarantee of sustainability and ethics. We are here to help make this vision a reality.

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